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Who are we ?

The CMI Brest provides services for international students, PhD students, and researchers who are taking part in international mobility programmes at the Brest site.

The CMI Brest is made up of 6 member institutions: Université Bretagne Occidentale (UBO - University of Western Brittany), Brest Business School, IMT Atlantique, ENSTA Bretagne, ISEN and ENIB (École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest - Brest Engineering School). It receives local-authority support from Brest Métropole.


> To enhance the welcoming of those people at the Brest site who are taking part in international mobility programmes
> To contribute to the development of Brest student participation in international mobility programmes

Main activities

Welcoming of international students at the start of the academic year

Welcoming of international students on their arrival in Brest by a team of volunteers, the provision of information and reception desks, and assistance with applying for a residence permit.

Personal welcoming of international PhD students and researchers

Welcoming of PhD students at the station, and help with dealing with the first administrative procedures involved in living and studying in France.

Preparation of Brest students to take part in international mobility programmes

Awareness-raising and information activities on the subject of international mobility.